A new initiative for presenting e-health solutions from Sweden and a new concept for internationalization efforts as part of Swecare’s core business.

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Solving the global health care challenges require collaboration across the health care chain. Through the Swecare platform companies can access partners across the globe and offer their solutions. The Swedish government has set the vision to be world leader in e-health by 2025, and our contribution is to ensure that Swedish e-health solutions are available globally.


Sweden is world leading when it comes to health care, with almost 100 National Quality Registries providing the generous health care system with a unique opportunity to monitor quality and results.


The Swedish e-health solutions embody the attributes of inclusiveness, sustainability, high quality, and innovation.


The e-health solutions are provided by companies that have decided to join forces for increased collaboration and competitiveness to provide you with better access to their solutions.


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Add Health Media is the complete media company within health, medicine and wellbeing.

Add Health Media

Cambio EIRAH, a Clinical Decision Support that save lives.

Cambio Healthcare Systems

Our solutions combine innovation and reusability and unlock the full potential of e-health.


Secure digital meetings and connected events. Bringing minds together.


Global Pharma Consulting can provide health authorities/institutes in the MENA-region with the Swedish world famous know-how in the quality/patient registries.

Global Pharma Consulting

Kiwok BodyKom Remote Patient ECG Monitoring for preventive action, follow up and screening.


Min Doktor is the leading provider of telemedicine and digitalized health care in Sweden.

Min Doktor

RETTS © (Rapid emergency triage and treatment system) – the leading medical decision support system for the emergency care chain in the Nordic countries.


Visiba Care enables healthcare providers to communicate with their patients digitally.

Visiba Care

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International cooperation will be essential to be able to meet these challenges. Together with Swecare, we work to endorse Swedish solutions in health care on the international arena.

- Gabriel Wikström, Former Minister of Health Care, Public Health and Sport

Our system is based on a long tradition of close cooperation between public sector, private sector and academia. We are happy to share our experience and to learn from others.

- Åsa Regnér, Minister of Children, the Elderly and Gender equality

The fact that Swecare is a non-profit organization enables us to make long term commitments and to build relationships with other countries.

- Karin Johansson, CEO Swedish Trade Federation, Chairman of the Swecare board and former State secretary

Swecare is a key actor when it comes to bringing out Swedish health care, elderly care and assistive devices to the rest of the world. The future health care challenges are global and require global solutions. Sweden has a great deal to offer in these activities.

- Göran Hägglund, former Minister of Health and Social Affairs

Swecare exist as a bridge between you and companies who provide unique innovations. The membership organization makes it easier for you to find the company with the best solution for your specific needs.

Swecare has been an outstanding platform since 1978, where academia, the private and public sectors are united for increased export and internationalization of Swedish health care and life sciences.

For more information, please visit: swecare.se